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Capital gains: Are you taxable?

Sell a property generally involves a capital gain, a benefit that non-taxable in certain situations, such as the sale of your main home, a property at a price less than or equal to € 15,000 or a second home owned since more than thirty years.

The sold properties not corresponding to these situations cient beneficial in some cases rebates on their added value. Certain expenses can be deducted from the sale price (eg agency commission fees or diagnostic fee).

The amount of the net capital gain is subject to tax, which amounts to 19% and social contributions of 15.5%. Beware the surcharge for the tax: it ranges from 2 to 6% beyond € 50,000 to benefit the sale.

However, the number of years of possession of the property adds a further reduction in the gain. It will be fully taxed if you own the property for less than 5 years. By cons, plus the number of years of ownership, the more you can reduce the amount of your taxable capital gain: 6% for each year of 6 to 21 years and 4% the 22nd year for the tax. For social contributions, we deduce 1.65% for each year of 6 to 21 years, 1.60% for the 22nd year and 9% thereafter. For example, for a property owned for 16 years, you can escape your net gain an abatement of 66% for income tax and 18.15% for social security contributions.