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Leman lake real estate

Are you looking for a luxury property near the Leman lake? Barnes Evian is able to bring you custom advice in order to help you find a prestigious house or apartment that matches all your criteria. Whether you are searching for a 2-floor-property or a smaller one, a property with high-end services (swimming pool, jacuzzi…) or not, our luxury real estate agency owns a myriad of houses and apartments that can answer your requests.

Please note that our luxury real estate agency has been operating in the sector for more than twenty years, enabling us to provide you with relevant advice and information.

For further information about our luxury properties available for sale or for rent, you can read the articles below.

Leman lake real estate : all the information you need to know

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Barnes Evian, your expert in Leman lake real estate

Barnes Evian owns plenty of prestigious properties located near the Leman Lake. All our luxury properties have been selected thoroughly in order to provide you a unique service along with high end infrastructure.

You can find all our luxury properties available for sale via the link hereby.