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Between the thermal baths and the sweets of Lake Geneva, like an ocean at the foot of the Alps, the city of Evian is discovered over the water.

Evian les Bains

Between the thermal baths and the sweets of Lake Geneva, like an ocean at the foot of the Alps, the city of Evian is discovered over the water. The topography of the city proves it, with its streets and alleys that descend in more or less gentle slopes to the lake, as if each visitor had to irreparably end their walk with their feet in the water. How to resist these urges for long walks on the lake front or breaks in the sun, in front of the marina? How not to let yourself be carried away by this ever-changing light on the water and by this morning mist that envelops the lake with a mysterious aura?

There is an atmosphere in Évian that is both peaceful and invigorating, family and international, punctuated by lake, thermal and mountain activities. Lake Geneva and the pre-Alps thus offer an exceptional living environment in all seasons. In winter, the first resorts are a quarter of an hour by car, or an hour at most, for serious skiers who will indulge their passion up to 3,500 meters above sea level.

Its architectural heritage is also an asset. The large square buildings of Savoy blend harmoniously with the pretty facades of buildings that come in pastel shades. Art Deco buildings testify to the attractiveness of the city from the end of the 19th century. This is the case with the Villa Lumière (which was the summer residence of the Lumière Brothers), where the Town Hall has been located since 1927, and the Casino d'Evian, designed by the famous architect Garnier. This is also the case of the Palais Lumière, a former spa establishment from the Belle Époque where people came to "take in the waters", now transformed into a renowned exhibition center, and of course the charming Source Cachat, from which springs 24-hour evian® water, which is at the origin of the city's reputation. The French Academy of Medicine in fact recognized in 1878 the benefits of this water for health and this is how the thermal activity began.

In terms of culture, Évian has everything of a great ... In addition to the Palais Lumière, a place stands out, unique in the world: the Grange au Lac, which offers a high level classical program, including the Rencontres musicales d 'Évian, who will be celebrating Beethoven's 250th birthday this summer. This concert hall, created at the initiative of Antoine Riboud in 1993, is entirely made of cedar and pine wood, and the simplicity of the tiers meets the refinement of the crystal chandeliers. Évian is a city on a human scale which has drawn on its prestigious history to become an international tourist destination as well as a dynamic economic hub. The station is served every week by a direct TGV to Paris and the pier, in the heart of the city, allows you to reach Lausanne in 35 minutes, where a large number of cross-border commuters go to work daily. In December 2019, residents of Évian also saw the birth of the Léman Express, the first Franco-Swiss cross-border RER, used by 50,000 travelers every day.