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Evian-les-Bains: the destination for luxury real estate

Prestige real estate is in perpetual motion, following the evolutions of our society and the choices of high-end customers, in search of ever more excellence. Evian-les-Bains, recognized as one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in France, enters the selection of destinations to follow.

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Why choose Evian?

Located on the French side of Lake Geneva, Evian is attractive for its location, its calm and its facilities. The city combines all the qualities to attract high-end international customers, especially if they are passionate about golf, boating and skiing. Evian should also benefit from an additional attractiveness with the entry into service of the Léman Express. This train line will indeed connect the center of Geneva and Evian in 1 hour.

    The residential real estate market

    The buyers market

    Until 2015, the clientele consisted exclusively of cross-border workers working in Switzerland. If this population remains very present on the Evian market, it is now joined by the Middle Easterners, the English and families from northern Europe, who choose France more than neighboring Switzerland.

    Their expectations

    • Tranquility 
    • Discretion 
    • Security 
    • The idyllic setting of Lake Geneva

    The most sought-after properties

    The 3 most sought after property typologies:

    • Feet in the water
    • Apartments with a view of Lake Geneva 
    • The villas in the heart of the Evian Resort Golf Club

    The most popular sectors

    • Le Domaine de Coudrée
    • Port Ripaille
    • The Mateirons district 
    • The Evian Resort Golf Club area
    • Yvoire
    • Nernier

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