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Peggy Bouchet and his "Geneva Lake"

Famous for his solo Atlantic oar crossing exploits in 1998 and 2000, Peggy Bouchet has always traveled the world, while remaining faithful to Evian, his family home base.

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« I need the presence of the lake, and very often at dawn, I go walking on its shore where an enchanting and bewitching poetry reigns. " Peggy likes this connection to the elements: "Water, air, mountains create feelings of hardship, freedom and humility. The lake reflects a particular, electric light that we find by the sea, and which painters like Turner have been able to capture with talent.

This living environment is extremely changeable. I discover a wilderness when the wind picks up and the waters of the lake hit the coast. In winter, I ski 15 minutes from Évian, where the slopes offer a panoramic view of Lake Geneva and Switzerland ... In fine weather, make way for the pleasures of swimming and sailing, before eating an ice cream in the '' one of the kiosks installed by the lake. I love walking near the pier, in front of the Casino, and at Grande Rive, outside the port of Évian. In the evening, I meet my friends at Momento, a very warm wine bar, or in the restaurants of the Ermitage and Royal hotels for more chic occasions. Evian is my Eldorad’eau! » 

Peggy drew from her family education that incredible pugnacity that pushed her to outdo herself. "I also had the chance to meet Olivier de Kersauson who supported me enormously, like a mentor, to set off again on my second crossing. His next challenge today: writing a book and documentary film ... But hush, it's still a secret!

Drawing on her experience as an adventurer, Peggy Bouchet leads conferences in companies and with students all over Europe. She created the association "Les enfants du Léman", which aims to realize, at the local level, the dreams of sick children.