Live in Bernex


Living in Bernex

The Origins of Bernex

Bernex is a low mountain resort nestled at the foot of the Dent d'Oche, between lake and mountains. Bernex is a place name that covers several meanings according to etymologists. Indeed, for some, the term comes from a Gaulish name, "Brennos", which would have been Latinized and associated with the suffix "-acum" to give "Brennacum". In the Gaulish language, "brenno" means "raven". Antoine Philippe Houzé, in his Study on the Meaning of Place Names in France, believes that words beginning with Bern would have a Celtic origin. They would come from the word "Brennec" meaning "rush bed, in low ground, marshy". Others believe that Bernex would have the same root as the name of the Swiss city of Bern, thus associating Bern (Bär in German, "bear") with the German word ex ("rock").

Traditionally in Savoie, the final -ex is not pronounced, and Bernex should be pronounced "Berné". However, this usage is rarely applied to the town because "the shift from the Savoyard pronunciation of a Chablais town to its French version is proportional to its tourist attraction".

The charming village of Bernex is part of the Thonon-les-Bains district and the fifth constituency of Haute-Savoie. Today, Bernex is an attractive residential municipality, offering a peaceful living environment for its inhabitants. It is also appreciated by visitors for its picturesque landscapes and its proximity to Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains. Agriculture and crafts continue to play an important role in the local economy, although tourism has become a significant source of income.

Must-sees in Bernex

A typical village resort of Chablais, with its traditional chalets from which the ridges of nearby mountains stand out, Bernex immediately immerses us in the Savoyard atmosphere. Its ski area with its 9 ski slopes totaling 30 kilometers, and its 12 ski lifts (including 3 chairlifts), ranges between 1000 and 1900 meters in altitude and offers a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva.

In addition to its alpine ski area, Bernex also has a Nordic ski area with 7.5 kilometers of trails that will delight cross-country skiing enthusiasts. A marked trail also allows snowshoe enthusiasts to reach the Pré Richard area from the snow front. Moreover, you can discover the church dedicated to Saint-Ours of Aosta, or the distillery that for over 100 years has perpetuated the still present in the surrounding countryside from October to June. You can also visit the Petit Musée du Dahu which will teach you more about this animal and its misconceptions. Located at the foot of the Dent d'Oche, the village offers a multitude of outdoor activities, whether skiing and snow sports in winter or hiking and mountain biking in summer. The Lac de la Beunaz also offers water activities in summer.

Living in Bernex

Bernex offers a privileged living environment for its inhabitants, especially for lovers of nature and mountains. Indeed, the natural environment of the municipality is magnificent. Bernex has a kindergarten and an elementary school for school-age children. For middle school and high school, students usually go to nearby cities like Evian-les-Bains. Although Bernex is a relatively small village, it is well served by public transport and offers easy access to larger cities such as Evian-les-Bains and Thonon-les-Bains. The village has basic amenities such as a grocery store and a bakery, as well as several restaurants.

Regarding the real estate market in Bernex, a wide variety of properties are offered, ranging from apartments to traditional mountain chalets, to beautiful individual houses with high-end services and plots to build on.