Concise district

Concise - Thonon-les-Bains

Vivre quartier Concise à Thonon les Bains

The hamlet of Concise was originally next to Thonon and gradually joined the capital of Chablais as it grew. The district has retained its identity through the ages.

History of the Concise district in Thonon

Concise is located between the town centre and the Château de Ripaille and was originally a medieval village built around its chapel, which already existed in the 11th century and was inscribed on the heritage list as a historical monument in 2017. In modern times, the village became part of Thonon, which after the annexation of Savoy in 1860 became a town in its own right. The district has always retained its identity and style and is a highly sought-after area.

Concise: a village in a town 

Life in the Concise district is like living in a village. In spite of the close proximity to the centre of Thonon, it is set away from major roads and has a calm atmosphere and numerous natural spaces. An ideal location, with the town centre’s public services and shops as well as Port de Rives’ leisure activities and municipal beach within easy reach for residents, on foot or by car. Concise is organised around the Avenue de Concise and the Avenue des Ducs de Savoie and has retained its character with - alongside some well-maintained apartment buildings - village houses and farm buildings transformed into dwellings, as well as detached houses with gardens built in the second half of the 20th century on the Avenue du Léman, closer to the centre.

The Concise District: great vitality

Apart from the quality of the site, its views over the lake and the Chablais Alps, the Concise district has a real neighbourhood atmosphere which is greatly appreciated by all. This can be seen in the traditional festivities organised both in winter and summer around the Place de la Fontaine in the centre of the village. Concerts are also held inside the chapel. The neighbourhood association is very dynamic, with two choirs, and ensures the enhancement and protection of Concise’s heritage, as well as taking care of traffic.