Corniche boulevard in Thonon



Boulevard de la Corniche, commonly referred to as “La Corniche”, overlooks the coast of Lake Geneva and is known for its remarkable villas.

History of La Corniche district of Thonon

La Corniche developed at the height of Thonon’s reputation as a spa town. The first hydrotherapic establishment was built at the end of the 19th century, a few years before the town took the name of Thonon-les-Bains. Around this favourite destination for the ever-increasing numbers of people taking the spa waters, the Boulevard des Bains grew up, becoming the Boulevard de la Corniche in 1906. New, highly affluent residents moved in along this road, attracted by the relaxed rhythm of life in Chablais. They called upon the region’s most renowned architects – such as Louis Moynat – to build the luxurious villas which still stand along the 1.5 kilometres of the avenue today. The district has undergone many changes with the demolition and then the construction of new thermal baths and the establishment of the hospitality school in 1912, which still has an excellent reputation.

La Corniche: a charming boulevard 

La Corniche is distinguished by the wideness of the boulevard, with highly accessible pavements, in particular on its northern side which is completely free of buildings. The promenade on this side of the road is lined with limetrees and plantains and provides walkers with a magnificent view of Lake Geneva and Switzerland. On the southern side of the Boulevard, the Belle Époque-style residences bear witnesses to the tireless work of the architects the early 20th century. The district continues along the streets leading off the boulevard, with numerous residences from different periods in succession, alongside the Avenue de Genève and the Pillon district in full expansion. At the entrance to the town centre stand old luxury townhouses, which are still well-maintained and have become comfortable apartment buildings. The spa’s park, where you can visit the Versoie mineral water spring, constitutes a haven of peace in the heart of the capital of Chablais.

Life in La Corniche district: a practical location 

The properties along and around La Corniche, the great majority of which are villas, are removed from the town centre, forming a district in its own right. The site is also close to the centre of Thonon. The shopping centre and public services are within easy reach for residents, as well as the Port de Rives with its Michelin-star restaurant and leisure activities to enjoy. By car, La Corniche offers access to the West exit from the town in the direction of the shopping areas or towards Geneva. The road also offers easy access to the villages of Corzent and Anthy-sur-Léman with their beaches and restaurants along the coastline.