The Domaine de la Coudree in Sciez

Domaine de Coudrée


The Domaine de Coudrée is a unique site in the town of Sciez on the banks of Lake Geneva.

History of the Domaine de Coudrée

The Domaine de Coudrée is built around the château of the same name built in the 12th century. The medieval building is now a 4* family hotel. The former grounds of the château have been transformed into a residential district: the Domaine de Coudrée. This building development extends over a dozen kilometres and is entirely enclosed and secure. Around 300 residences have been built around the château, a voluntarily limited number that contributes to the serenity of the area.

The Domaine de Coudrée: A haven of peace

The Domaine de Coudrée is set in a unique location between the banks of Lake Geneva and the natural areas of Sciez. Along the waterfront are a number of villas with their own mooring. A section of the banks of the lake also serves as a private port for residents and holiday-makers at the mouth of the Foron river. There are very few cars on the district’s streets, making Coudrée a great place for leisurely strolls! Visitors and residents can leave their vehicle in the estate’s outdoor parking spaces. The Domaine de Coudrée is ideal for families - children can explore the surroundings, go out on their bikes in complete safety, and grow up peacefully. There are lots of wooded areas that are responsibly managed and home to protected flora and fauna. Indeed, the district is recognised for its respect for nature.

Life in Coudrée: in the centre of the Chablais region

Residents of the Domaine de Coudrée have everything close by. The ports of Sciez and Anthy and the medieval village of Yvoire are all great for a day out and are home to excellent restaurants. Switzerland and Geneva are just a twenty minute drive away, with access to the capital of the Chablais region, Thonon, in 15 minutes. The ski areas of the Chablais valleys are also easily accessible.