Lecherot district in Neuvecelle



Located in the immediate vicinity of Evian-les-Bains, Neuvecelle spreads its landscapes between Lake Geneva and the heights of the Plateau de Gavot, balcony offering superb views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

History of Neuvecelle

The town of Neuvecelle developed at the same time as its neighboring towns, thanks to the appearance of the Grands Hôtels and the Société des Eaux at the beginning of the XXth century. This arrival has enabled significant economic development.

In addition, its proximity to Switzerland greatly helped development in the 1960s. Like all of the Lake Geneva region, Neuvecelle developed strongly: its population tripled to reach nearly 3,000 inhabitants in 2016. Until the 1950s , the city was mainly turned towards agriculture and fishing.

At that time, Neuvecelle was only made up of a few hamlets (Grande-Rive, Verlagny, etc.), with no real village center. The church, the school, the town hall and the various existing businesses were spread over different districts.

The Lécherot district

Mainly residential, the Lécherot district in Neuvecelle offers an attractive social life, with many cultural activities. Located between lake and mountains, you are ideally placed slightly away from the bustle of the city center.

The main asset of this district is the unobstructed and panoramic view of Lake Geneva. You can enjoy your family outdoors in peace. Located not far from Neuvecelle park, it will be very easy for you to indulge in walks, and for the bravest, beautiful mountain hikes.

Living on the shore of Lake Geneva

Neuvecelle has a special charm that often turns day tourists into residents. Very beautiful views of the lake are distributed throughout the village and provide access to a magnificent panorama of Switzerland and the neighboring mountains. 

The silhouette of these few boats on the lake invites you to go on an escapade to the end of the world. The new Grande Rive beach allows you to swim and invites you to stroll by the lake under a warm sun. 

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