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Back to the Golf competition: BARNES Evian Golf Day 2018

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On May 25th, the 3rd edition of the Pro Am BARNES Evian Golf Day was held, a Golf tournament at the Evian Golf Resort between professional and amateur players. BARNES gives you a little feedback on this sporting day.

On May 25th, the 3rd edition of Pro Am BARNES Evian Golf Day took place, a Golf tournament at the Evian Golf Resort between professional and amateur players. BARNES gives you a little feedback on this sporting day.

A sunny day

From the early morning, a very promising day was looming. The players had the smile and the motivation to play golf under a sparkling sun and summer heat.

First of all, the golfers were welcomed near the golf chalet, where they were given a welcome pack with a BARNES polo shirt, a bottle of Evian water, the magazines Properties de France and Aston Martin and a season ticket. year offered to Figaro Web. 

The starter was given at 8:30 am for the first departures. Marion DUVERNAY renewed her presence for this new edition of Pro AM and was present in one of the BARNES teams. 

Throughout the day, the score cards fill up. 124 players divided into 31 teams of 4 players compete in this tournament. The captain is necessarily a pro player accompanied by 3 amateurs. The team score calculation is made up of the sum of the two best balls out of 4 balls played. 

The game takes place on a high quality field: green, fairway and bunker on top! We would like to thank all the teams at the Evian Resort Golf Club for their welcome, their involvement and the quality of the course delivered. Sweet and savory buffets were installed at hole N ° 6 and 15 so that players could have snacks throughout the course.

The awards ceremony around a well-deserved cocktail

Regarding the results, two scores: gross and net. 

The big winners in gross, with a score of 140, are: Christophe LEDAN, Clément BRUNET, Pascal POVEDA and Olivier Maurin followed very closely, with a score of 141, by the team of: Alice Putoud, Paul Idelson, Franck Putoud and Arnaud Seguin. 

In terms of net scores, we find in N ° 1 the team of Laurent Magnin, Julien Braize, Fabien Dufour and Michael Viaux with a result of 126. Followed by the winning team in gross: Christophe LEDAN, Clément BRUNET , Pascal POVEDA and Olivier Maurin with a result of 133. 

Another title in play is the precision competition won by Anita BROCART at 0.77 cm and the men's drive competition won by Alexandre TOGET at 229 meters. 

Find the entire prize list: gross and net results. 

The first 3 teams, gross and net, were rewarded by our partners. The winners were able to leave with their arms full: gift vouchers at Colmar Lyon, Lolo Chatney pouches, VALCENA beauty boxes, Luxe Magnum Roederer boxes. 

In the draw, Mr. VIAR had the honor of winning a trip to Mauritius in a 4-star hotel offered by Anahita. 

The tournament ended with a speech by our director BARNES Lyon & Evian, Thomas Vantorre. 

We thank the Evian group and especially Magali Decurninges, Louisa Chennafi and Yves-Marie Queffelec for their collaboration during the preparation of this tournament. A big thank you also to all our partners: Louis Roederer, Valcena, Lolo Chateney, Pro Yachting, Aston Martin, Anahita Property, Le Figaro Properties, the Evian Resort. 

The day continued with a cocktail on the golf with all partners, players, the BARNES team and Golf.