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The Domaine de Coudrée: a peaceful setting

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The Domaine de Coudrée constitutes an exceptional setting in an ideal location, offering a peaceful living environment where friendly relations reign. Located in the town of Sciez, 20 minutes from Geneva, the Domaine de Coudrée is a secure private residential development on an area extending over approximately 10 kilometres between the communes of Margencel and Excenevex.

Life in the Domaine de Coudrée

The estate is composed of 330 houses including 44 luxury properties on the banks of Lake Geneva. It offers forests, beaches and even a private port exclusively for residents. 

The waterfront houses are naturally closest to Lake Geneva, followed by the houses in the second and third rows back.

The estate provides an ideal setting for families, transforming itself into an enormous playground for children. Parents have one less thing to worry about since cars are prohibited on the estate.

There are hotels and restaurants nearby and, as for shops, the centre of Sciez is only a few kilometres away.

The Domaine de Coudrée: a protected site 

The Domaine de Coudrée is protected by the Coastal Regions Act (Loi Littoral). This law was put in place in 1986 in order to protect the landscapes and heritage of coastal paths. It applies to several areas and numerous lakes, including Lake Annecy and Lake Geneva as well as Vassivière Lake. The law modifies the town planning codes in order to avoid excessively heavy development in terms of property construction, providing a way for the State to protect the environment by regulating projects. The communes of Lake Geneva are thus protected by the Coastal Regions Act.

BARNES Léman and the Domaine de Coudrée

BARNES Evian presents a selection of waterfront properties at the Domaine de Coudrée as opportunities arise.

The Domaine de Coudrée is a luxury estate offering unique facilities with its beaches and private port. And, for golf lovers, the prestigious Evian Resort Golf Club is only 20 minutes away.