Évian Léman Rando

A collaboration based on nature and adventure.

Évian Léman Rando
Évian Léman Rando is a hiking club based in Évian-les-Bains, whose 103 members share an unshakeable passion for the mountains. Their aim is to enable members to discover, through hiking or any other form of non-motorized trekking, different sites and mountain ranges in the Chablais region and Switzerland, every Sunday. In winter, snowshoeing and ski-touring outings are also organized. Destinations are decided according to weather conditions. A recorded message to 06 71 25 40 75 provides information on the location, meeting time and weekend outing.

On June 17, 2023, during the Évian Sports Association Day, we were privileged to welcome members of Évian Léman Rando to our Evian-les-Bains branch. We presented each member with a hiking cap bearing the BARNES Léman logo. This symbolic gesture was intended to showcase this club of enthusiasts.
As a local Chablais real estate agency, we are deeply attached to our region and its natural beauty. That's why we're proud to support Évian Léman Rando in their mission to showcase breathtaking scenery through authentic hiking trails.

> Would you like to join this exciting adventure? Would you like to discover a different facet of our magnificent region, and experience moments of conviviality and self-improvement? Visit their website