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Renovation of an exceptional waterfront villa

Discover, through an interview with the new owner, the story of the acquisition and renovation of a stunning waterfront property in Anthy-sur-Léman.

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  • How did your property search unfold?
It was during the COVID period. We came across an advertisement for a property being rented out by a winemaker in Lugrin, which sparked the idea of searching for a property to buy in the area. Initially, we reached out to another real estate agency that never got back to us, so we eventually contacted BARNES Léman. Our point of contact there was Silvina ZEIN, who guided us exceptionally well. She suggested that the property we initially inquired about, my husband and I, might not be suitable for us. She promised to keep us informed if something different came up, which she did a month later. We then had a video conference with her, followed by a visit to the shores of Lake Geneva the following weekend. Silvina had arranged a program for us to visit 6 houses, and we ultimately chose the third one.
  • What made you choose this property?

First and foremost, its lakeside location and its stunning westward exposure, offering magnificent sunsets. The house was already beautiful, and although some renovation work was needed to suit our tastes, it wasn't of a structural nature. We knew it was the one as soon as we stepped into the garden, where I fell in love with the house and its location. I felt at home right away.

  • How did you envision yourselves in this property?

We saw the potential to create an ideal vacation home for our family, especially in the living room and kitchen, which boast large windows offering breathtaking views of the lake. Since the house was already oriented towards the lake, its layout naturally dictated itself. As it is a vacation home, we wanted to make it a gathering place for our family and friends. With the bedrooms also overlooking the lake, we aimed to highlight its presence in every room. Silvina enabled us to envision living in this wonderful region right from the start.

  • How did you proceed with the renovations?

Following Silvina's advice, we enlisted the services of an architect, Nicolas Dutruel. We worked closely with him from the outset to develop plans. We renovated the basement to add bedrooms and bathrooms, as there were none previously. He coordinated all the necessary trades. For the kitchen, we visited several local kitchen specialists before making our choice. Although we were not always present, our architect supervised and organized the work smoothly.

For the interior design, we benefited from excellent advice from a single store where we purchased everything (Carré Lumière Thonon). This allowed us to coordinate everything easily and receive excellent follow-up.

Silvina was instrumental in helping us with initial contacts with the architect, tradespeople, and necessary stores.

  • What was the duration of the renovation work?
Between the signing of the agreement and our actual move-in to the house, it took one year. So, we have been using the house since December 2023.
    • How do you feel today in your new home?
    It's a true haven of peace. As soon as we pass through the gate and enter the garden, we immediately feel relaxed and happy. Just gazing at the view helps one understand. Our sons come with their friends, and both our family and friends all appreciate the place. It's truly a house designed for vacations.

    How would you describe your customer experience with BARNES Léman?
    It was a wonderful experience. We were well informed and directed towards properties that would suit us best. We found Silvina to be honest with us in telling us that it wouldn't be the right choice for us. Everything went smoothly, and we were in contact throughout the process. It was really seamless, and we are very satisfied.

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