Living in Excenevex

Explore the town of Excenevex. 

Excenevex is a charming municipality located in the Haute-Savoie department, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, France. Nestled along the shores of Lake Geneva, Excenevex offers an exceptional setting where natural beauty blends with history and picturesque charm.

This small town is particularly renowned for its fine sandy beach, stretching along the shores of Lake Geneva. Excenevex's beach is the lake's only natural sandy beach, providing visitors with an idyllic relaxation spot offering breathtaking views of the sparkling waters of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Visitors can enjoy leisurely moments, refreshing swims, and water activities while appreciating the exceptional surroundings.

Beyond its beautiful beach, Excenevex maintains an authentic character with its picturesque alleyways, traditional houses, and peaceful atmosphere. The Château d'Excenevex, dating back to the 13th century, adds a historical touch to the town, offering visitors a glimpse into the past.

Its proximity to Geneva

Excenevex is located near Geneva, on the opposite side of Lake Geneva, providing quick access by car, boat, or even through railway connections. This accessibility allows for a seamless transition between the tranquility of Excenevex and the vibrancy of Geneva, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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