The heights of Evian

The heights of Evian


This spa town, born between the shores of Lake Geneva and the Chablais massif, enjoys world renown due to its quality of life.

History of Evian-les-Bains

Evian-les-Bains, with its thermal past, has developed and preserved the richness of its heritage. Several emblematic places in Evian bear witness to this richness, from the Cachat refreshment bar to the Griffon de la Source Cachat.

Other exceptional cultural places punctuate the life of this town: the Villa Lumière, the Palais Lumière and even the Casino make Evian a recognized cultural city.

The heights of the city

All you have to do is take the funicular to go back in time and time. Evian allows you to travel within its own walls. The undeniable asset of the Hauts-d'Evian district obviously remains its panoramic view of Lake Geneva located below. Never similar, the inhabitants live to the rhythm of the lake: sometimes calm and smooth and sometimes more agitated. By interacting with the locals, it is above all the sweetness of life that stands out. It is a peaceful place for families that is easy to get used to.

Living in Evian: a dynamic city

Evian has always presented itself as a city on a human scale which has built on its history to become a successful tourist destination. It has many advantages and can pretend to be a city where there are always activities organized throughout the year. The shops are numerous as are the restaurants which offer adapted and very gourmet menus. The municipality strives, over the years, to preserve the places that make the soul of the city and the Belle Époque, such as the Cachat refreshment bar which will be renovated.