The Cachat spring in Evian-Les-Bains

The Cachat spring and its many virtues

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The Cachat spring in Evian-Les-Bains

Nestled between the Alpine peaks and the shimmering shores of Lake Geneva, the picturesque town of Evian-les-Bains has long garnered global fame as a spa resort. The heart of this reputation rests on a hidden natural treasure, the source Cachat. Situated in the town's center, this mineral water spring is the driving force behind Evian's bottled water industry. Its water is not only appreciated for its distinct taste and purity, but it is also recognized for its numerous health benefits.

The history of the source Cachat

This mineral water spring is at the origin of Evian's international renown. It is named after Gabriel Cachat, the owner of the garden in which it flowed at the end of the 18th century. Its therapeutic properties were discovered by Count Jean Charles de Laizer, an Auvergne aristocrat. Fleeing the French Revolution, he stayed in Evian from June 1790 to September 1792, lodged with Gabriel Cachat, and drank from the spring every day. He was rapidly cured of gravel, a disease affecting the kidneys and liver, which had been causing him suffering for several years. Analyzed since 1807, this water is recommended in spa treatments for kidney and bladder diseases and has been increasingly successful as table water from the 1860s. The source Cachat now belongs to the Anonymous Society of Evian's Mineral Waters.

The Cachat refreshment bar, a water temple

Built on the site of Fauconnet's first thermal establishment in 1826, the refreshment bar of the source Cachat was completed in 1905. The master builder, Jean-Albert Hébrard, was also the architect of the 5-star Royal Hotel between 1906-1908 and the Casino between 1911-1913. This "water temple" is covered with a dome of glazed tiles with large stained glass windows featuring vegetal motifs. The structure of the bar has curves and volutes. A craftsmanship of the companions of the time which offers an impressive building today.

As for the fountain, it was located in the center of the space and the water that comes out has a constant temperature of 11.6°C. This fountain is part of an architectural ensemble forming a promenade built in 1903. This fountain is a work of Louis-Charles Beylard, it is sculpted in white stone from Poitiers and is titled: Apotheosis of the Cachat spring.
A masterpiece of Art Nouveau, the Cachat refreshment bar is listed in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments. Architecturally, it maintains a coherent ensemble and remarkable authenticity. Although it has undergone various repairs or modifications, the place still retains its old-time atmosphere today, an ode to the Belle Époque golden age of the city.

In 2008, the Cachat refreshment bar became municipal property and is fully classified. The City of Evian and the Heritage Foundation have launched restoration works of the Cachat refreshment bar. The idea of this renovation is to restore this jewel of architecture in the heart of Evian to its former glory and to restore it to its original state.

Evian Water Cachat Source

The virtues of the source Cachat

The source of Evian water

The Evian water is the product of exceptional geological circumstances. Rainwater and snowmelt are collected on the Chablais foothills by a layer of glacial sand. This layer of sand is sandwiched between two clay moraine plates. The sand is a huge natural filter. It allows Evian water to obtain its characteristic minerality.

The qualities and benefits of the spring

The water from the source Cachat is more than just drinking water. It is a gift from nature, rich in beneficial minerals and of exceptional purity, which contributes to a healthy and balanced life.

The unique mineral profile of the water from the source Cachat makes it a true health elixir. Rich in calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate, it contributes to strong bones, optimal muscle function, and the regulation of the body's acid-base balance. Its low sodium content also makes it suitable for people following a low-salt diet.

Beyond the chemical composition, numerous scientific studies have explored the health benefits of Evian water. For example, research has shown that regular consumption of this water can improve hydration, facilitate digestion, and even help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Visit to the bottling plant

It is in the 130,000 m² bottling plant located in Publier and inaugurated in 1965 that you can go behind the scenes of the production of Evian mineral water.
The water is brought there, mainly from the Cachat spring, by three large pipes that can be seen at the entrance. It is immediately bottled, since mineral water cannot be stored. Behind floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a bird's-eye view of all the machines, visitors first see the production line for preforms, made from recycled bottle granules. These small plastic tubes already have the shape of the cork. They are taken to the bottling area itself.
They then leave by the hundreds of thousands each week to be served in restaurants or supermarkets around the world.

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